Full Controll

You are always in control. It's your money and by using our service you always have a full control of your assets.

Instant Transfers

Our fully automated platform transcends most old-fashioned banking systems and enables instant trnasfers.

Extremely Low Fees

We always strive to provide the most optimal low cost path to transfer money to your loved ones from overseas.

Advanced Technologies

The platform we are building is running on next generation Stellar Consensus Protocol.


Help wanted!

Igor WasiƄski

Founder & Software Engineer, Berlin, Germany.

Mimi Chanthee

Operations Manager, Thailand

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in participating in development of our vision.

Our Roadmap

Get familiar with our vision.

Note: This schedule is very much tentative.

Project Start

We want to put our ideas into a working product.

Stellar Fox founded.
Aug 2017

First working Federation Service prototype.

We have released a Testnet version of our onboarding platform with integrated Federation Service. Users can register their custom payment address, which is discoverable across different wallets and payment providers.

Federation Alpha (online)
Nov 2017

Full featured wallet.

Send funds to any address or a contact in your address book. Create escrow accounts with any one or more of your contacts.

(online public preview - continuous deployment)
May 2018

Onboarding Payment Gateways

Integrate available official payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal to provide alternative ways of depositing funds to user accounts.

Deposit Gateways
Dec 2018

Anchor Integration

Stellar Anchors and curated anchor partnerships to inject liquidity and allow the users to get best possible exchange rates.

Curated Stellar Anchors
Mar 2019

Things to come

Here are few things from our backlog.


Sign transactions with your PIN.

We want to find a sweet spot between responsibility, security and ease of use. Our goal is for you to be always in full control of your account. Our platform and wallet is already cross-compatible with Ledger Nano S, a world class cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Transluminal Shift

Maximum 10 seconds remittance time.

We will strive to design a system that completes your transactions within 10 seconds or less.

Fully Automated Recurring Payments

Fraction of a Cent network transaction fees.

The technology we are using is state of the art. Custom built in order to solve current cross border payment problems.

Pay to contact

Email like payment addresses.

No need to remember any account numbers. Just find a contact in your address book. That's all.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, concerns or business proposals. We're always open for new partnerships that would benefit our future users.

Stellar Fox
10115 Berlin, Germany
syntaxval [at] gmail.com

We aspire to be a service provider for next generation decentralized, distributed, borderless transfer of value.

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