Cygnus Wallet

Tradition meets innovation where familiar email features are transformed into the easiest to use E-Money client.

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Redshift HD

Offline key generator that works in hierarchical deterministic fashion. Secure your keys with optional passphrase.



Secure and convinient stellar network transaction signing module. Works with existing accounts.


Stellar Fusion

Distributed, live portfolio manager secured with Shambhala. Tracks multiple accounts.




We are a small team of enthusiast engineers. We love to simplify the usability of complex technologies and move them closer to adoption one step at a time. We pay attention to simplicity and reliability of the products we make. We work, and get paid at anytime of the day and night and from anywhere in the World. We see no temporal and spatial borders and we deeply feel that the next civilizational jump is going to be delivered via revolutionary, tripple-entry accounting products and services.


The Beginning

We want to put our ideas into a set of useful products and services.

Stellar Fox founded.
Aug 2017

Secure Federation Service

We have configured an enhanced version of stellar federation service, which uses cryptographically signed account entries to prevent account spoofing.

First Social Wallet

Send money to any address or a contact in your address book within few seconds. Review your transaction history or attach a cryptographic signature to your account to verify it.

Signing Service

Secured, and distributed multisignature key-chain with JavaScript API. Generates new keys and onboards existing ones.

Mar 2019

Portfolio Manager

View your assets on any device. Access your portfolio with your mnemonic "view-only" passphrase.

Ongoing Research

Here are few things from our backlog.

Easier Spend Signing

Sign transactions with your PIN.

We want to find a sweet spot between security and ease of use. The user should always be in full control of the account without ever having to surface their secret key.

Intuitive UX

Better user experience.

We research, design and improve user interfaces and user experience for better understanding and reduced stress when it comes to dealing with your own finances.

Auto Pay

Fully automated and recurring payments.

Setup simple or smart contract payments to anyone in the world, for virtually no fee. Create transaction scenarios for different business needs.

Pay to Contact

Email-like payments and address book.

Account numbers, bank routing numbers, IBANs, SWIFTs, BICs are just attributes of your pay contact. Find a contact in your address book and make a payment.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out should you have any questions, concerns or business proposals. We're always open for new partnerships that would benefit our users.

Stellar Fox
Berlin, Germany

We aspire to be a service provider for the next generation, decentralized, distributed and borderless transfer of value.

We are an independent company and not affiliated with Stellar Development Foundation. We do, however, build on top of Stellar™ protocol and are using their platform SDK's.

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